Big Gratitude to Ron Schepper at for his nice review of my lost pieces album We Once Were Lost.

A highlight:

The deepest dive arrives first in the form of “Abyssal,” a nearly half-hour epic of creeping ebb-and-flow Moorcroft developed from a 2005 synthesizer improvisation. After selecting about three minutes of material from that session, he extended it into the eerie soundscape presented on the release. Distant rumblings, shimmering resonances, and muted wailings pepper this live-recorded performance, all such details enhancing its seductive undertow—lights-out material in the truest sense. Here and elsewhere, the gear he used to generate the material—electric guitars (six- and twelve-string), synthesizers, and loops—creates a wash of sound where individual instrument timbres lose their identifying character as they melt into the whole.

You can read Ron’s full review here, or on my album page.

Ron also posted terrific reviews of The White Island and Pastimes of Creation, and I greatly appreciate his deep listening and understanding of the music.