eyes cast down
Kalindi Music KM007
Jan 27, 2020

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1. Abyssal 28.43
2. Aurora 10.54
3. Gypsy Girl in Paris 10.28
4. Confluence of Souls 16.10

2020 begins with the first of two unexpected releases.

These four “lost pieces” were begun and set aside during 2005-11, and completed in Dec. 2019.

Abyssal began as a short, improvised synth jam from March 2005. I cherry-picked the good bits and set about reworking them into an Actual Composition. A good combination of NI Absynth & Camel Alchemy patches evoked the eerie, deep submersion I was looking for, and I ended up with an extended, live-recorded performance. I’m really looking forward to playing this in concert.

Aurora, made up entirely of 12-string guitar harmonics, had been completed, set aside for a future album and forgotten. It was recorded in 2010 and only needed some post-production adjustments.

Gypsy Girl in Paris was created for a remix project which never came to fruition, but I had always intended to use it myself. The original Marimba and Santur parts were recorded in 2011, and a synth frame was added in Dec. 2019.

Confluence of Souls had the most ambitious origin story: intended as a longform piece with voices and more, built on a foundation of guitar loops. The two guitars – recorded in 2007 – stood up nicely, with only a few brush strokes needed to complete it.

Big thanks to Diana and everyone at Radio Spiral for an anjoyable album premiere!