“My music is intended to alter your consciousness, to tap into a timeless realm of ecstatic inspiration. I’m convinced of the power of music to astonish us, to transport us to worlds that we can’t see (or even imagine) and, ultimately, to make us more truly ourselves. Music, for me, is soul-shaking, ritual, deepcore magic – and transcendent play. I hope you enjoy the music!”

Greg Moorcroft, Composer & Musician


eyes cast down

Ethereal, progressive soundscapes, using guitars, synths, percussion, voices and more. Seven solo and two collaborative releases, with over a dozen compilations and guest appearances. Live performances include The Gatherings and Star’s End in October 2017.

Latest Release:

The Classical World

Visit My Classical Music Site. See the Sandcat Lullaby video and catch up on the latest music. Commissions for new work are welcomed!

Mukunda’s Friends

Ecstatic devotional project. Meditative vocal music, with guitars, synths, percussion and more.

Latest Posts

2023 in Review: The Longer and More Winding Road

2023 in Review: The Longer and More Winding Road

Following a largely-fallow 2022, ’23 saw several projects – both new and old – continuing to develop at their own leisurely pace, with one completed and newly-released. The common (and new) factor in nearly all these projects is that they are longform pieces. I’ve...

New Album: Fragments in the Maze

New Album: Fragments in the Maze

I'm delighted to announce a new release, Fragments in the Maze, my second duo with Chris Russell. Five years in the making, our second album as a team is my first album not to be self-released. I'm thrilled to become a part of the venerable earthMANTRA digital label,...

2022 in Review: a Fallow Season and a Numinous Realm

2022 in Review: a Fallow Season and a Numinous Realm

After a two-year frenzy of composition and recording activity, the dominant theme of 2022 was resting and recharging. As mentioned in my blog Tibetan Return: Melencholia and Comfort Music, I somehow or other got burned out, and needed a break. It ended up lasting six...

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