“My music is intended to alter your consciousness, to tap into a timeless realm of ecstatic inspiration. I’m convinced of the power of music to astonish us, to transport us to worlds that we can’t see (or even imagine) and, ultimately, to make us more truly ourselves. Music, for me, is soul-shaking, ritual, deepcore magic – and transcendent play. I hope you enjoy the music!”

Greg Moorcroft, Composer & Musician


eyes cast down
Ethereal, progressive soundscapes, using guitars, synths, percussion, voices and more. Five solo and two collaborative albums, with over a dozen compilations and guest appearances. Live performances include The Gatherings and Star’s End in October 2017.

Latest Release:

The Classical World
Includes music for choir, strings and classical guitar, so far. Other ventures are anticipated.

Mukunda’s Friends
Ecstatic devotional project. Meditative vocal music, with guitars, synths, percussion and more. Two albums and one single released so far.

Latest Release:

Latest Posts

New Release: Sea of Fertility EP, featuring Chako

I am delighted to announce the upcoming release of a new EP, Sea of Fertility, featuring my singer friend Chako of Jack or Jive. To be released on Aug. 6, the EP consists of one piece, the 20-minute title track. My parts were recorded in one day in August 2015, with a...

Fledglings in the Big Weather: Our 2020 Wilderness Camping Journey

For our fourth Boundary Waters trip, we decided to base-camp on a lake with several others close by and easily reached by portage, to give us lots of day-trip options. As it turned out, our “home” lake was such a puzzle that warnings about even experienced map-readers...

The Present-Day Composer Embraces “Brand Confusion”

(Score excerpt from O Remember Me (Like Unto the Sun), (c) 2020 by Greg Moorcroft. All rights reserved.) Brand confusion, aka "Bad Career Moves" can be the bane of an artist who wants to cover a lot of ground... too bad. Here we go: I've long nurtured a bit of...

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