“My music is intended to alter your consciousness, to tap into a timeless realm of ecstatic inspiration. I’m convinced of the power of music to astonish us, to transport us to worlds that we can’t see (or even imagine) and, ultimately, to make us more truly ourselves. Music, for me, is soul-shaking, ritual, deepcore magic – and transcendent play. I hope you enjoy the music!”

-Greg Moorcroft

New Meditation Chant Album

Compilation For Australia Fire Relief

2020 Releases
Duo with Mathias Grassow

Lost Pieces – Reviewed by Textura

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The Present-Day Composer Embraces “Brand Confusion”

(Score excerpt from O Remember Me (Like Unto the Sun), (c) 2020 by Greg Moorcroft. All rights reserved.) Brand confusion, aka "Bad Career Moves" can be the bane of an artist who wants to cover a lot of ground... too bad. Here we go: I've long nurtured a bit of...

The Present-Day Composer Refuses to Shut the Hell Up

I can hardly believe it. Composition of my “ECM Album” project is completed, in an amazing 29 days. If I had dared to guesstimate how long it might would take to write this, I would have said months. But that was before our current pandemic-enforced, work-at-home...

Textura Review – We Once Were Lost

Big Gratitude to Ron Schepper at Textura.org for his nice review of my lost pieces album We Once Were Lost. A highlight: The deepest dive arrives first in the form of “Abyssal,” a nearly half-hour epic of creeping ebb-and-flow Moorcroft developed from a 2005...

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