“My music is intended to alter your consciousness, to tap into a timeless realm of ecstatic inspiration. I’m convinced of the power of music to astonish us, to transport us to worlds that we can’t see (or even imagine) and, ultimately, to make us more truly ourselves. Music, for me, is soul-shaking, ritual, deepcore magic – and transcendent play. I hope you enjoy the music!”

Greg Moorcroft, Composer & Musician


eyes cast down

Ethereal, progressive soundscapes, using guitars, synths, percussion, voices and more. Six solo and two collaborative releases, with over a dozen compilations and guest appearances. Live performances include The Gatherings and Star’s End in October 2017.

Early Preview of Album in Progress:

The Classical World

Visit My Classical Music Site. See the Sandcat Lullaby video and catch up on the latest music. Commissions for new work are welcomed!

Mukunda’s Friends

Ecstatic devotional project. Meditative vocal music, with guitars, synths, percussion and more. Two albums and one single released so far.

Latest Release:

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Sandcat Lullaby, and Composition Updates

Sandcat Lullaby, and Composition Updates

Sandcat Lullaby A few years ago, my wife Daci and I heard a nice piece performed by the Chicago Symphony: In the South (Alassio), a concert overture by Sir Edward Elgar. Writing on vacation in Italy, Elgar made use of a Neapolitan folk song in a delightful episode led...

The Present-Day Composer Perseveres – 2020 in Review

The Present-Day Composer Perseveres – 2020 in Review

The COVID-19 pandemic alone was enough to make 2020 a hellish year for so many of us. So many thousands of loved ones have been lost. Our cultures have lost so many musical heroes (whether to the virus or otherwise): Neil Peart, Lyle Mays, Joseph Shabalala, Eddie van...

Monthly Artist Feature on Galactic Travels

Monthly Artist Feature on Galactic Travels

The weekly, two-hour radio/streaming program Galactic Travels, hosted by fellow musician Bill Fox, has played my music all the way along. GT has the coolest artist feature that I know of: each month, the show features an artist and plays an entire album during each...

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Greatly excited about progress on the 7-part "Descent" for my #tribal #ambient album-in-progress. 1st part, "Dark Mirror" just finished in two days. Part 2, "Cavern" in process. @jkn

Back from our Minnesota #camping #vacation, 8 nights on a wilderness lake. Sobering, smoke drifting in from distant MN and NW Ontario #wildfires.

Now Reading: Travesties by Tom Stoppard. Who else could go toe-to-toe with Oscar Wilde - AND one-up him? A tour-de-force, which I hope someone around here will revive soon. #theatre

#NowPlaying Another #classicalguitar day. @BertaRojas, Carlotta Dalia, Christopher Parkening so far. Mr Bream will be next, I think... #ClassicalMusic

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