“My music is intended to alter your consciousness, to tap into a timeless realm of ecstatic inspiration. I’m convinced of the power of music to astonish us, to transport us to worlds that we can’t see (or even imagine) and, ultimately, to make us more truly ourselves. Music, for me, is soul-shaking, ritual, deepcore magic – and transcendent play. I hope you enjoy the music!”

-Greg Moorcroft

Transitional Times: Research and development are underway on some important pre-composition tasks: tuning in Just Intonation, sound design and grooves. No new releases are anticipated for some time, and how they will be made available… is another work in progress. More details here.

I’m available for commissions and live performances, as always.

Sandor Cat

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Intrinsic Beauty: Music As Transcendent Quest (1 of 6)

Who are these people? My most inspiring musical kindred spirits, in whose beautiful and joyous work I hear sincere efforts to transcend the mundane and seek the eternal. I listen to lots of excellent music by other artists who (as far as I know) have no such interest,...

Hermann Hesse: Towards an Appreciation

It was time to circle back once again to one of my favorite novelists, Hermann Hesse. Hesse was a seeker of the truth. The quest to uncover and realize one’s essential nature was his driving motivation and, naturally, that of the protagonist of every novel from (at...

Guest Appearance: Land of Forgotten Destiny by Mirror of Dreams

I have the pleasure of sharing another cool album, to which I got to contribute in a small way. My friend and musical kindred spirit Kris Tilbury started her Mirror of Dreams project in 2012. Kris is a singer and multi-instrumentalist, who contributed the back cover...

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