Headphonaut (Thomas Mathie), June 2014

Responses to the Music of eyes cast down

Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity! Please let me know if you ever need a flutist in the future! Your music is just beautiful, and I have really enjoyed working with you! (Jennifer played on Sandcat Lullaby and Vision Opening.)

Jennifer Gosack Darwell

Flutist and Flute Instructor, USA

I have probably listened to this disc more than 20 times in the past couple of weeks, and it has lost none of its potency for the repetition. While all music is personal at its core, The Separate Ones stands out for the extreme intimacy it conveys and the remarkable depth of effect it carries. It is profoundly intense in its honesty.
John Shanahan

Ambient Music Reviewer, USA, Hypnagogue

From smooth and swirling, to tempestuous and dark, the achieved atmosphere seems to be that of sustained calm and wonder – harmonic journeys without the usual conclusion. Characterized by the reiteration of extended phrases and weighted by unpredictable shifts in timbre, The White Island eventually settles into its own unique ambient area – where the ethereal and surreal meet as a cerebral force.

* * * * *

As each tone breathes into our listening space, we feel a slow force of momentum. Near album’s end, a reverberant piano enters, repeating its question again and again. When shadows pull together, ethereal voices add to an enfolding darkness. The reason this album seems so quiet is because there are so few other people saying these things. The unadorned beauty of Souls Adrift, in Disrepair relates to human fragility. The dark alliance of unmodulated sounds imparts a haunting force.

Chuck van Zyl

Musician, Concert & Radio Host, Reviewer, USA, Star's End

So far the best ambient music I’ve heard lately. I discovered with joy that we share a very similar harmonic universe: modal, bitonal, and so on. There are very few musicians in our genre to deepen the exploration of musical harmony. Congratulations!
Max Corbacho

Musician, Catalonia

In this time of great change, it’s essential to have a place of peace and tranquility readily accessible, and Greg’s detailed and masterful music enables us to create and maintain such a place.
Steve Brand

Musician & Label Owner, USA, Pioneer Light

Your work is incredible! I can’t believe I never heard your music before. Congratulations for everything you are doing, the quality, professionalism and the spirit of it also.

Gaia Orion

Artist & Mentor, Ontario, Canada, Gaia Orion Art

Greg meticulously crafts an engaging sonic environment for listeners to immerse themselves in… A really strong debut that I whole-heartedly encourage you to pick up for yourself.
Rik McLean

Musician & Reviewer, Toronto, Canada, Ping Things

… gentle flows of delicate beauty that reside at the edge of consciousness. Deep contemplation is easily promoted by this music.
Matt Howarth

Reviewer, USA, Sonic Curiosity

The Separate Ones features airy, drifting and lush textural worlds along gentle loops that now and then bring the older releases of Jeff Pearce to mind.

Bert Strolenberg

Music Reviewer, Netherlands, Sonic Immersion

With his cadre of guitars and effects, Greg weaves a series of aerial soundscapes in the living air around him, leaving hints of watercolor so vividly in your imagination you can almost see them dripping into the fabric of the room.
John Koch-Northrup

Musician & Label Owner, USA, Relaxed Machinery

The Separate Ones from our good rM friend Greg alias eyes cast down is a grand journey to inner peace and tranquility. Traditional ambiences, percussion, guitar and voices in a sublime merge.

Musician, Germany, Cyan Music

I have listened to Divinations several times – both awake and while sleeping. Not sure which consciousness mode I enjoy it in the most! Seriously Greg, you’ve hit a home run with this one!
Bruce Hickey

Musician, USA, Windspace

My dog has severe anxiety and can become slightly aggressive. When I know he’s feeling anxious, I turn on this album (The Separate Ones) for him and it instantly calms him.


Chicago IL, USA

I can’t thank you enough for these beautiful pieces – whenever I need to regroup and refocus, I go to your music.

Chicago IL, USA

The music creates the perfect ambiance for getting busy work done, keeping me energetic while creating a continuous calm demeanor.
K. Firek

Business Owner, Chicago IL, USA

Thank you for the music at the workshop. I really enjoyed it and the music was a perfect complement to the session. In a way, I didn’t even notice it; it was simply just a part of my experience and my emotions. At the same time, it helped guide my emotions and made the feelings I was having stronger and more focused.

Attorney, Chicago IL, USA

I have to say, Greg, your music is beautiful!! It’s such a gorgeous, soothing sound which I will definitely recommend for clients seeking a peaceful atmosphere.

Events Manager