My wife Daci told me for years that my Divinations album would work as a sort of Hallmark album, for helping babies sleep (what to speak of exhausted new mothers). All it needed was a nice sleeping baby photo on the cover to attract attention.

I finally realized that my reluctance to run with this idea was due the fact that the album as a whole doesn’t quite work for this purpose; there’s too much intensity at times and a few musical surprises that would definitely work against it.

However, the album’s first track, Exquisite Divination of Patterns, was very close to the goal. It didn’t take very long to rearrange its synth parts into an hour-long sleepscape. Some new-mom field testing turned out to be proof positive, and here it is! Needless to say, a stressed pet – or anyone – will also find the music calming.

The album is available on iTunes. This Apple Music page has the link.

We hope you find the music relaxing and sleep-inducing.