(Score excerpt from O Remember Me (Like Unto the Sun), (c) 2020 by Greg Moorcroft. All rights reserved.)

Brand confusion, aka “Bad Career Moves” can be the bane of an artist who wants to cover a lot of ground… too bad. Here we go:

I’ve long nurtured a bit of ambition within the world of classical music, and choral music in particular. A few pieces in (or near) that mode have been written over the past 20 years, with other ideas waiting a long time for their turn.

That time is now. While transforming the scribbled notes for my “ECM Album” project into a legible working copy for recording, I’ve set myself the task of finishing seven songs, most of them brand new.

Two have been finished in the past week: A Kyrie for a mass (believe it or not), begun a year ago as a technical exercise which turned out better than I first thought, and a Vedic text, O Remember Me (Like Unto the Sun). The latter idea waited over ten years – then was written in three weeks. I’m really pleased with it. (A portion is pictured above.)

Currently on the table is a song from 2001 which turned out to need some revision, and looks to be for choir and strings. Three new songs remain after that.

When these are all done, a package of nine scores will be submitted to the world’s Coolest Classical Music Publisher, and we will see.

In the meantime, I would be most grateful for any introductions to choir directors looking for new works.

Big gratitude to my wife Daci, who so often hears things that need fixing or can be improved.