A new collaboration piece of mine has just been released, marking my first appearance on the very cool Projekt label.

Marco Billi records under the artist name jarguna. I discovered Marco’s music when my friend Nathan Youngblood appeared on his album Trapped, Vol. 1. Marco’s approach for the Trapped series of albums has been to collaborate with different musicians on every track.

Upon hearing from me, Marco invited me to work on a track with him, and the result, “Earth Mother Breathing” appears on Trapped, Vol. 3. I played electric guitar, drums, rainstick and shakers, over Marco’s modular synth track.

My Memory Palace collaborator Chris Russell added a synth part, and Francesco Schina contributed saxophone.

“Earth Mother Breathing” is my third guest appearance, and the second one to be released this year, after Land of Forgotten Destiny by Mirror of Dreams.

Check our more of Marco’s music at the Projekt Bandcamp page.