First of all, Merry Christmas and Happy 2018 to all, with big thanks for your support!

Airplay gratitude to Diana Smethurst (aka Gypsywitch), who has been playing the music on her Radio Spiral program Around the Campfire. In the past few weeks, she has played (1) Crystalline, from the Divinations album; and (2) the rarely-aired compilation piece Two Fractured Mirrors (from the Relaxed Machinery album Butterfly Effects, music of James Johnson recycled).

SomaFM continues to be a force for good in the world. In the past two weeks or so, 14 of my tracks (from all five albums) have been played a total of 21 times on the DroneZone and Deep Space One channels. Thanks, Rusty!

Coming in early January, my traditional year-end review, hopefully to contain news of progress – on two projects – made over the holidays.