Among so many other things to be grateful for this season, I’ve been fortunate to receive lots of airplay from SomaFM in the past week.

Along with all seven pieces from The White Island, Soma’s DroneZone (which premiered the album on its release), also played At This Body’s Final Hour (from Souls Adrift, in Disrepair) and Rebuild From Memory (from The Separate Ones).

Soma’s Deep Space One (which premiered Memory Palace on its release) played Primitive and Prime and Somewhere the Circle Stops from that album, along with Knife of Karma (from The Separate Ones) and the rarely-aired acoustic guitar piece Snowdance in Starlight (from Divinations).

Big thanks to Rusty Hodge, as ever, for his terrific support!

Thanks also to Scott Raymond of Secret Music, for playing Mirage One (from The White Island) on his Nov. 12 program.