It took us a few months to get this done, because of: moving house in May; camping vacation in July; and preparing for the Philadelphia concerts in October . . . but my studio, The Keep, is finally set up properly! It’s the largest room I’ve had yet, and now is also the most attractive and best-organized.

This is largely because I can hang the guitars in the closet, and keep percussion instruments and other stuff in the book cabinet. Away with shelving! Stuff out of sight = a cleaner room.

The room is more open than ever before, with occasionally-used items against the walls and just the essential tools in the work area.

“Essential tools” include: Axiom 61 keyboard controller and two Korg NanoKeys; Roland Loop Station RC-300; Morley Pro volume pedal; Digitech Whammy V octave/harmony pedal.

Those little orange things are Key Dogs: key weights by Mike Rafferty of KV Gear.

“Occasional stuff” includes two djembes and a stand for the large one; a clay pot drum; two microphones on stands; a three-guitar stand; and a harmonium.

A key part of the attraction is the artwork wall:

L-R: wedding gift, painting by Nancy Winlove-Smith; painting by Tali Farchi, used as the back cover on the Souls Adrift, in Disrepair CD; landscape by Olivia Soave, wedding gift from Marisa D.; painting by Phoenix Heller, created at my April 7/12 concert.

The room is so attractive now that, even when I’m have other things to do, I find myself drawn to hang out in there. This bodes very well for upcoming work, and there is certainly a lot to be done, with six albums in progress.