Website Logo - KalindiMusic.comKalindi Music is my publisher and CD label, as well as the online home for my music projects apart from eyes cast down.

So far, the only project with anything to show is the acoustic guitar-based devotional project Mukunda’s Friends. Our song Lacrimosa is an ecstatic song of separation and longing, beautifully sung by Alannah, who also appears on the eyes cast down piece Expanse of Heart.

I couldn’t be more thrilled with the website design, which was done by friend Mara of Gourami Studio. She’s doing first-rate work, and beginning to get the notice that she deserves.

Mara’s portfolio includes branding, logos and labels, print and digital designs and websites. She has just finalized the text logo for my wife’s website (she’s a lawyer). I can’t recommend her enough – go take a look at her portfolio and see for yourself.