Brad MacLeod-Ross is such an ardent fan of ambient/electronic music that he had to start his own netlabel to share it with as many others as possible.

Brad has just kick-started his Free Floating label by releasing Conception, a mammoth 3-hour compilation of 22 artists. I have the honor to be included in a select group of my highly-respected peers. These include Altus, Lucette Bourdin, Steve Brand, Disturbed Earth, Andrew Lahiff, Boris Lelong, Shane Morris and Phillip Wilkerson.

The label’s mission statement is a simple one:

“Free Floating Music exists to release and promote serene, peaceful ambient music – music that grows out of and flows through the silence around it, sculpting spaces for reflection, repose and rejuvenation.”

Unlike most albums, Conception doesn’t have a set running order. Brad encourages a “shuffle” approach to sequencing the pieces.

My submission, Exquisite Patterns of Divination, is my first original piece to be published, and also my first which was created using only software (Propellerhead Reason, recording into Ableton Live). This was due to certain strange circumstances, to be explained in an upcoming blog…

Album cover: Conception by Free Floating MusicWeaving the Patterns was so enjoyable that I immediately resolved to make an entire album in this serene softsynth-only mode, and put together its first piece, Radiant Perception, shortly thereafter. That project is on the back burner for the time being, but I expect to return to it next year. Circumstances again.

So, muchas gracias to Brad for his enthusiasm for the music, and best wishes to Free Floating Music for a long and successful life!