My name is Greg Moorcroft. I’m an ambient/electronic composer & musician using the name eyes cast down.

I enjoy reviewing albums by my fellow musicians, and my reviews have been generously received, which has only encouraged me to set up this blog. I’ll be posting reviews, and reflections on other subjects as they suggest themselves – such as, what I mean by “Music… in service of the Transcendent”.

Reviews will include artwork, audio clips and links. I expect to post one or two of them each week, starting in the next few days.

I hope you enjoy reading about the great music that I’m sharing, from some outstanding musicians, and are moved to listen to it yourself.

Photos, and clips of my music, can be found on my website.

A shout-out here to John Koch-Northrup – friend, musical colleague and owner of the Relaxed Machinery label and community, for encouraging me to set up this blog, and for general support.

Thanks for reading, and best wishes!