eyes cast down
Kalindi Music KM009
Jan 1, 2022

1. Mirage One (2021 Remix) 8.32
2. Crystalline (2021 Remix) 12.04
3. Fading Angel (2021 Remix) 9.38
4. Expanse of Heart (2021 Remix) 7.05
5. Snowdance in Starlight (2021 Remix) 11.35
6. A Million Suns 14.08
7. First Day Apart (2021 Remix) 7.54

To greet the New Year: an unexpected, spontaneous, “remixed favorites” release.

Visions of Old Souls includes two pieces from each of The Separate Ones and Divinations, and one from each of Souls Adrift, in Disrepair and The White Island.

There’s also one new piece, A Million Suns: majestic multi-synths with a long chord progression built solidly on the bass line. The way the chords evolve – changing one note at a time, instead of all at once – is another happy step forward. One of my strongest ambient pieces to date, which I am contemplating transforming into a long-form journey.

Big Gratitude to Chicago photographer Jennifer New, whose stunning work directly inspired the album’s title.