October 15, 2019
1. Sweet Awakening 6.15
2. Black Forest 8.30
3. Earth Mother Breathing (w/eyes cast down) 8.15
4. Shadows in the Deep Valley 8.01
5. Nightlife 6.34
6 Shavasana 11.38
7 Archon 8.14
8 Föst 6.58
9 High Peaks 9.58
10 Fabula 7.11
11 Avalokitesvara 10.28
Jarguna is Marco Billi’s earthy/electronic music project, which has several solo and collaborative releases on the Projekt label, all of which I’ve enjoyed greatly.

My introduction to Marco’s music came with Trapped, Vol. 1, which saw Marco working with different collaborators on every track.

Upon receiving my note, Marco invited me to work on a track with him. I added guitar, drums and percussion to his excellent dynamic-ambient modular synth part, and suggested the title “Earth Mother Breathing.”

My Memory Palace partner Chris Russell also appears on this track and elsewhere on the album. Francesco Schina joins us on saxophone.

It was a pleasure discovering Marco’s music and working with him, and I encourage you to check out his music!

Trapped, Vol. 3 is available for download here and elsewhere.