eyes cast down
Kalindi Music KM011
Dec. 31, 2023

1. Tears For a Numinous Realm 73.40

The first eyes cast down longform piece – fueled by an increasing attraction to the minimalist large canvas – is a serene, at times melancholy, space featuring three EBowed guitars (including 12-string and fretless). A bass pulse grounds the piece and a synth pad adds occasional texture.

The guitar parts emerged as a fully-formed idea, almost too easily, like Athena with her helmet and spear. The recording was similarly quick and easy, more so than for any other project of mine.

I’m delighted to have an album graced by artwork from my dear friend Kati Astraeir, to whom the album is dedicated. Her stunning photograph was the foundation of the piece long before its composition. Thank you, Spirit Sister!