Various Artists
Waiting World Records – March 2014

Michael Peck of Waiting World Records honors the memory of a close family friend by curating this memorial compilation. 12-year-old Taylor Scout Smith passed on in 2014.

The album features 18 artists from 7 nations, including Steve Brand, Shane Morris, Jack Hertz, Annemarie Borg and Jaja.

It’s a great honor to be included in this collection. On reading Michael’s moving account of Taylor’s life and passing, I was irresistibly reminded of the wonderful book Mister God, This is Anna. Like Anna, Taylor was someone I would like to have met, and this was reflected in the title of my piece.

Musically, Mister God, This is Taylor is another example of “fragmentary composition”: all of its parts – for synths, guitars, ocarinas and bird whistle – were composed and recorded, before being arranged into a structure. I first used this approach on another requiem piece, Like a Riven Cloud from The Separate Ones.

Many thanks to Michael for including me in this collection, and kudos to all involved!

1. Dubtrak: Embracing the Rain 4.48
2. lilmanjs: Journey (it only starts) 7.32
3. Scott Lawlor: Skies of Light 10.33
4. M. Peck: An Unlikely Missionary 7.54
5. Eternal Keys: Angel Soon 5.03
6. Jack Hertz: Plomg 7.24
7. Art Sonic: Something In The Air 2.15
8. eyes cast down: Mister God, This is Taylor 10.48
9. Sergio De Vega: Lost For Words 3.06
10. Dreamfire: An Epitaph Engraved In Water 4.38
11. Steve Brand: Eliptical Viewing 5.39
12. Peter Pick: Muzungu 8:37
13. Don Hill: To Walk Beyond The Stars 3.35
14. Shane Morris: Lift 6.17
15. Richard Galbraith: Nesciens Mater Virgo Virum (Jean Mouton) 5.51
16. Annemarie Borg: What We Do Not See 10.40
17. Jaja: Heaven 9.39
18. Parity Flux: Sundream On A Sunday 5.19