Various Artists
Relaxed Machinery rM0040 – Jan. 2014

The Relaxed Machinery label celebrates its fourth anniversary with a wide-ranging set of 17 pieces from 16 artists, including Loren Nerell, Steve Brand (who also provided photography and design), Zero Ohms and Chronotope Project. eyes cast down is represented by two pieces.

I’m very excited to see this collection released, as I got to work with two outstanding rM artists: Peter James and Chris Russell.

Chris and I had already decided to work up one track together, to see if an album was feasible for us, when the reBOOT project began. The result, Particles and Waves, pleased us both so much that we immediately began work on an album, Memory Palace, which is near completion.

The rhythm track I created for this piece is an electro-organic hybrid, featuring processed drumming on a steel handrail in a skyscraper stairwell.

For The Rage of Reason, Peter provided a nice drone chord, and I worked up a guitar part played through a cool new effects patch, which I was really pleased with and look forward to using again.

Kudos to everyone involved with the project!

1. Chris Russell: Revive 10.01
2. Frore: The Descent 13.41
3. Steve brand & Ishq: Beneath the Slow Bloom 7.22
4. Loren Nerell: Prayers For Our Mothers 9.04
5. Ran Kirlian: Dreissia Veiox 5.55
6. åpne sinn: Vesper 5.37
7. Robert Scott Thompson: Porcelain Sky 12.16
8. Steve Brand: Reconstructing Life 6.30
9. Chronotope Project: Into the Dreamtime 9.35
10. Arbee: Remettre de L’Ordre 5.00
11. Peter James & eyes cast down: The Rage of Reason 7.28
12. Broken Harbour: Outside the Light 11.19
13. Zero Ohms: Mists of Platonia 8.18
14. Specta Ciera: Misty Lights 3.53
15. Steve Brand & Roy Mattson: My Shadow and the Morning Sun 9.56
16. Ran Kirlian: Solaris 6.45
17. Chris Russell & eyes cast down: Particles and Waves 9.05