Mathias Grassow & eyes cast down
MG / Kalindi Music KM007
Feb. 1, 2020

1. Luminous 4.16
2. Golden Pavilion 21.36
3. Epiphany With Horses 33.06
4. Icescape at Sunrise 30.08
An unexpected collab album that turns out to be a perfect match! Solidly an album I will listen to many times over and easily the best album I’ve listened to released in this year of 2020. — James Shain, May 3/20

Hot on the heels of We Once Were Lost, comes my second duo album.

Two years in the making, In the Eyes of Infinite Light began when I asked dronemeister Mathias Grassow if he had a piece to which he would like me to contribute. He sent me four beautiful synth drones.

Finding the right parts to accompany all of these atmospheres was a challenge, and a joy. I contributed guitars, percussion and synth piano.

Luminous opens the album with a contemplative church organ vibe and chiming 12-string guitars. The rising Power Zen of Golden Pavilion yields to the earthy, tectonic growl of Epiphany With Horses, then to the desolate, yet exhilarating coldness of Icescape at Sunrise.

Mathias’ wife Cornelia Kern contributed the artwork, as she has done for many of his albums.

It was a terrific honor and a lot of fun working with Mathias, and I hope we may collaborate again someday.

A thunderclap under the clear blue sky
All beings on earth open their eyes
Everything under heaven bows together
Mount Sumeru leaps up and dances

(Wumen Huikai, 1183-1260)