Mirror of Dreams
February 2019
1. Hysteria Garden 2.42
2. Aphelion (w/eyes cast down) 8.16
3. The Lacrimosa Experiment 4.34
4. Broken Memory; Desolation 5.48
5. Sanctum 6.50
6 How Fair This Spot 2.50
7 Wisteria Garden 6.52
8 Broken Memory; Resolution 6.48
9 The Orrery at Twilight 8.40
Mirror of Dreams began in 2012 as a solo ambient/vocal project of singer and multi-instrumentalist Kris Tilbury. In 2018, she was joined by multi-intrumentalist and singer Har and MoD evolved into an atmospheric/ambient rock duo.

Land of Forgotten Destiny covers a lot of stylistic ground, from ethereal dream-rock to tribal grooves, from spacious ambiance to experimental/industrial. Beyond all of that, “How Fair This Spot” is an arrangement of the song by romantic composer Sergei Rachmaninoff.

Kris and Har are old friends, both of whom figured prominently in the release of my first album, The Separate Ones. Kris contributed the back cover photo, while Har (wearing his DJ hat) was the first to broadcast both “Knife of Karma” and “Like a Riven Cloud” (the latter piece less than 24 hours after its completion), as well as the entire album premiere.

So it was a great pleasure and honor for me to contribute electric 12-string guitars to this album, on “Aphelion”.

Land of Forgotten Destiny is available for download here and elsewhere.