Various Artists
Free Floating FFM-001 – July 2011

This album contains the first eyes cast down original track to be released. Brad Ross-MacLeod’s netlabel, Free Floating, launched with a mammoth free-download compilation from 22 artists. Greg M comments:

“This was my first piece to be done with just software (Ableton Live and Propellerhead Reason). I was so pleased with this result that another piece, Radiant Perception, immediately followed. I’d like to undertake a whole album in this mode, once I begin working in Just Intonation.

“Thanks to Brad for the inspiration, and congrats to the other artists on this release. I’m in some great company!”

1. Tange: Psylence II 9.25
2. Earlyguard: Monoku 8.03
3. Bing Satellites: Angel of the North 9.07
4. Susperia-Electrica: Free Floating in Space [Expedition 24] 11.56
5. Benjamin Dauer: Harmony Bound 7.46
6. Andrew Lahiff: Further Distances 8.45
7. Elypixa: Birth of a Fairy 8.03
8. Mooma: Tachyon Lullaby 4.40
9. Ingeous Flame: Ultramarine 8.55
10. Altus: An Atmosphere of Silence 7.51
11. Crystal Dreams: Flood (Disturbed Earth Mix) 10.17
12. Tomorrow’s Man: Doomsday Divine 9.53


13.  eyes cast down: Exquisite Divination of Patterns 11.26
14. Phillip Wilkerson: Luminous Drift 9.19
15. Steve Brand: Into the Current 10.35
16. Daniel Lahey: Being Peace 6.47
17. Boris Lelong: Conception 11.59
18. C.paradisi: Celestial 10.49
19. Lucette Bourdin: To the Stars 9.48
20. Burning Artist: BurningFreeFalling 8.07
21. Shane Morris: Shimmering 8.31
22. Michael Meara: Origination 8.33