Various Artists
Sun Sea Sky SSS040 – Sep. 2010

This album contains the first eyes cast down track to be released. It features 7 remixes of UK electronica artist Northcape‘s piece Clear Moment, from his album Captured by Static.

This was my first remix attempt and I greatly enjoyed it. I’ve learned a lot by listening to the other remixes and hope to undertake more of them, moving into a more drastic recycling mode along the way. Kudos to Northcape and the other remixers for their fine work!

1. Clear Moment (Metaphysical Mix by 2ndmouse) 6.04
2. Clear Moment (Zeropage Mix) 4.10
3. Clear Moment (Autorotation Remix) 4.11
4. Clear Moment (emorej Remix) 6.00
5. Clear Moment (Distant Fires Burning Remix) 8.40
6. Clear Moment (eyes cast down Mix) 8.55
7. Clear Moment (Absorb Fish Remix) 6.00