Various Artists
Free Floating – December 2013

Brad Ross-MacLeod’s netlabel, Free Floating, releases its fourth winter/holiday compilation featuring 12 artists, including Shane Morris, Jack Hertz, Gregg Plummer and Scott Lawlor. Greg M comments:

Radiant Perception is a softsynth piece, a companion to Exquisite Divination of Patterns from the Free Floating Conception album. Thanks once more to Brad for including me in such good company!”

1. The Great Schism: Moonfrost 9.13
2. Bing Satellites: Stille Nacht 10.04
3. Magnetic Wind: Winters Dance 9.08
4. Jack Hertz: Gravity Sun Icicle Crystal Love 7.10
5. Peter DiPhillips: Moonlight on Snow 11.03
6. Silvercord: Womb of Tranquility 10.36
7. C.paradisi: A Cold Coming 7.00
8. Peter Edwards: Solitary Winter 8.27
9. eyes cast down: Radiant Perception 10.08
10. Shane Morris: Saturnalia 8.28
11. Scott Lawlor: Yule Tidings 8.59
12. Gregg Plummer: Star Followers 8:14