Various Artists
Free Floating – December 2012

Brad Ross-MacLeod’s netlabel, Free Floating, releases its third winter/holiday compilation featuring 11 artists, including Steve Brand, Chris Russell, Phillip Wilkerson and Jack Hertz. Greg M comments:

Snowdance in Starlight is another step in a new direction using mainly guitar harmonics – this time on acoustic guitar. There’s also a repeating chord on my 12-string electric, which is unplugged and mic’d. I’m really fond of its filtered sound. Thanks once again to Brad for including me in such good company!”

1. Chris Russell: Borealis 9.55
2. Michael Meara: Hymnal 8.14
3. Phillip Wilkerson: Snow is Glistening 8.24
4. Lattice: Bathing in December Streetlight 6.03
5. Benjamin Dauer: The Softest of Light 9.58
6. Cousin Silas: White 7.27
7. Gregg Plummer: Winter’s Dream 9.37
8. Steve Brand: Host 10.30
9. Jack Hertz: Winter Breeze 10.31
10. Bing Satellites: Fireside 9.25
11. eyes cast down: Snowdance in Starlight 11.18