Various Artists
Free Floating – December 2011

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Brad Ross-MacLeod’s netlabel, Free Floating, releases its second winter/holiday compilation featuring 14 artists, including Altus, Andrew Lahiff, Phillip Wilkerson and Shane Morris. Greg M comments:

“In Crystalline, I tried to convey a feeling of the warmth I associate with the winter season. I chose to avoid any coldness in the music, and focused instead on the celebratory feeling of Christmas and New Year’s, of family, friends and new possibilities. I wanted the chimes to sound like stars twinkling merrily. The tubular bells highlight the underlying solemnity, established by the unfolding drone chord at the outset.”

1. Burning Artist: Music Box Musings 7.01
2. Crystal Dreams: We Three Kings 8.06
3. Bing Satellites: Through the Snow 10.49
4. C.paradisi: Treetops Glisten 9.04
5. Gregg Plummer: Seed Beneath the Snow 8.40
6. Magnetic Wind: Stardust Amidst a Silent Night 8.15
7. eyes cast down: Crystalline 11.37


8. The Ambient Visitor: Midwinter 9.18
9. Shane Morris: Underneath the Mistletoe 6.24
10. Tange: Winter Psylence 10.01
11. Benjamin Dauer: Alluvial 10.14
12. Andrew Lahiff: Winter Sky Memories 9.40
13. Phillip Wilkerson: The Star 6.39
14. Altus: Pinegrove 9.53