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#19 - Dec. 23, 2013

Season's Greetings!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thank you all very much for supporting the music. The Separate Ones continues to earn ecstatic reviews and lots of airplay on the most important radio and streaming programs in the ambient/atmospheric music world.

If you enjoy the music, please let your friends know about it. Perhaps they will enjoy it as well.

New Compilation Album
The excellent Free Floating netlabel has issued its fourth annual holiday collection: all|is|calm 2013. It includes my piece Radiant Perception, along with music by Shane Morris, Jack Hertz, Gregg Plummer, Scott Lawlor and others.

This is my fourth appearance on a Free Floating collection. In case you missed them, the other three are Conception, all|is|calm 2011 and all|is|calm 2012. They are all free downloads.

Similarly, all|is|calm 2013 is available for free download and streaming here. Enjoy!

Work in Progress
Two albums are close to completion, and I hope to finish and release them both early in 2014:

1. Pastimes of Creation, a long-form meditative trance project with accordionist Jaro Czerwinec and singers Dasi and David Ludwig.

2. Memory Palace, an intense groove-atmospheric project with Relaxed Machinery labelmate Chris Russell.

After these, three other projects are on the table for '14. Details on these as they develop.

#18 - July 26, 2013

Help Wanted!
I have three projects, for each of which I need assistance. Details below. If you know anyone who might be interested, please share this with them. They can reach me at [music at eyescastdown dot com]. Many thanks!

Marketing Intern
This job is suitable for a student aged 17+.

I'm looking for a marketing person in the making, a music fan, enthusiastic, scrupulously honest and hard-working. Experience working for a marketing firm is not required. You are willing to work for free, for the experience to help get your career rolling. The hours are flexible.

You will also earn suitable written references from me, as well as a copy of every album I ever release (that's not just during the period you work with me, but every one - period).

Job Description:
- Social media: post updates and increase connections: Facebook band page, Twitter, Google+ (others may be added if you think they would be useful)
- Write and distribute Press Releases
- Find and approach possible CD clients in selected demographics
- Find viable trade shows, for booth rental & stage performance
- Find and approach potential partners for personal development workshops
- Find viable sources of grants and potential patrons, complete applications and draft communications
- Approach prospects for live performances, including installations
- If you can work with HTML, you could also handle my email newsletter and website updates (otherwise you could simply write the copy)

You'll need to at least somewhat understand the music (and, hopefully, enjoy it), so you can check it out at http://eyescastdown.com. If interested, please contact me at [music at eyescastdown dot com].

Written references required. Serious inquiries only.

I'm looking for a filmmaker to make a video for my 21-minute requiem piece Like a Riven Cloud from the Separate Ones album. The video would be sold on DVD, which would include more music and other items. Profits will be split 50-50.

I'm looking for a woodworker to design and build a custom multi-guitar stand. It must be modular, easily assembled, lightweight, portable and strong. It must hold four or five electric guitars firmly in position, in a semicircle, so they can all be played at once. Terms to be negotiated.

#17 - June 13, 2013

The Separate Ones
More ecstatic reviews of The Separate Ones album are coming in! Muchas gracias to Chuck van Zyl (Star's End, who has also played the music on at least six episodes of the radio program in the past two months), Rik McLean (Ping Things) and Richard Gürtler (Relaxed Machinery community) for their wonderful support.

Thank you all very much for your support of the music! I'm asking you to help me reach new listeners, by forwarding this message, as well as utilizing your social media connections. After all, your friends are more likely to act based on your recommendation than mine.

2013 Promo Sampler
This medley of clips from 16 pieces is available for free download:

Please share the link for this with your friends:

One more cool thing: tweeting these links will embed a player right within the tweet so that anyone can stream the music immediately. Kudos, Bandcamp!

New Compilation Album
The Relaxed Machinery community has issued a new compilation, Butterfly Effects: the Music of James Johnson Recycled. It includes my piece Two Fractured Mirrors, along with music by Altus, Disturbed Earth, Chris Russell and others.

When the project was announced in early 2011, I had not heard any of James' music, so I kept it that way, taking a tabula rasa approach ... I was looking for something like the infinity effect of two mirrors facing each other.

I conceived the title (riffing on one of James' album titles), and acted as the project's Info Manager. Scott M2 put together the album's artwork, remixing some of James' photgraphy.

The album is available for download. Enjoy!

Work in Progress
Three albums are on the front of the stove, and I hope to finish and release them all this year.

1. Pushed to the front of the line is the mostly-live album from the April 1, 2012 live art jam with painters Royce Deans and Tali Farchi. Title TBA.

2. Pastimes of Creation, a long-form meditative trance project with accordionist Jaro Czerwinec and singers Dasi and David Ludwig.

3. Memory Palace, an intense groove-atmospheric project with Relaxed Machinery labelmate Chris Russell.

#16 - April 13, 2013

The Separate Ones Reviews
Reviews of The Separate Ones album are beginning to appear, and they are extremely positive! Lots of gratitude goes out to both John Shanahan (Hypnagogue) and Bert Strolenberg (Sonic Immersion) for their deep listening and generous reviews.

John sums up his review: "Quite honestly, I struggled to find words for this review. I have probably listened to this disc more than 20 times in the past couple of weeks, and it has lost none of its potency for the repetition. While all music is personal at its core, The Separate Ones stands out for the extreme intimacy it conveys and the remarkable depth of effect it carries. It is profoundly intense in its honesty."

2013 Promo Sampler
I've compiled a new promotional mix for free download and non-commercial distribution. Clips from 16 pieces are melded together into a 54-minute journey through the entire eyes cast down musical universe. Guitars, synths, percussion, voices, and more blend into a journey that's by turns serene and visceral, meditative and hair-raising.

I've also updated my Media Kit (a two-page color PDF) which includes a Bio, Raves and photos.

Both are available at my Bandcamp store. Enjoy and please share!

One Website is Enough
After reckoning with the question of "brand confusion", I've integrated my "other" music projects into eyescastdown.com and taken down their respective websites. All the info is now in one place for:

Kalindi Music, my CD and music publisher;
Mukunda's Friends, my ecstatic music project;
Classical projects to be published under my own name; and
Ear Brandy, my music branding business.

It's all on my About page.

#15 - February 25, 2013

The Separate Ones Album
The first eyes cast down album, The Separate Ones, is now available for purchase on CD and by download. The seven-year odyssey finally comes to a conclusion (the release date comes seven years to the day after composition began on the first piece for the album).

More info in my blog on the album, which you can read here.

The second album, Pastimes of Creation, is expected to be completed shortly and released in early spring.

Streaming Airplay Feature
Join us online at StillStream on March 3, from 4:30-7:30 p.m. CST, to hear the entire album on Har's program Nightscaping. Har premiered the album's two longest pieces, Knife of Karma and Like a Riven Cloud, on Nightscaping in 2010, the latter on the day after its recording was completed.

I look forward to meeting everyone in the StillStream chat room!

Album Release Party
Chicago & area friends: join us on March 1, from 6:00-8:30 p.m. for the album release party. It's at Healing Foundations, 2112 W. Belmont Ave., Chicago. We'll have some nice social time, refreshments and gifts including two copies of the album, which will - of course - be playing throughout. Many thanks to Rebecca & Lisa for hosting the event!

#14 - January 2, 2013

The Separate Ones Album
The first eyes cast down album is finally finished! The truism that an artist's first album is the summation of their musical life to that point was never more true than with The Separate Ones.

Six pieces, which took nearly seven years to compose and record, offer an intimate view of my life's musical development, with a glimpse of uncharted territories to be discovered.

Release (on CD and by download) is expected in late January. The album's release page will be posted on my website in the next few weeks.

The second album, Pastimes of Creation, is expected to be completed shortly and released in early spring.

New Compilation Album
For the third time, the FreeFloating netlabel has included a piece of mine on a multi-artist compilation. all|is|calm 2012, a free download album, includes my piece Snowdance in Starlight, along with music from some highly-respected colleagues, including Steve Brand, Chris Russell, Phillip Wilkerson and Jack Hertz. This is Free Floating's third annual Christmas/winter collection. Thanks to Brad Ross-MacLeod for once again including me in such good company!

New Blog Entries
Recent entries to my WordPress blog:

* A year-end review of '12 (what a year!) and what's in store for '13.

* My response to the digital distribution situation - and my course of action: "BYE, Tunes!"

* Another long weekend getaway at our beloved Tibetan retreat center, as the question of what eyes cast down actually sounds like moves toward resolution.

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