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Download the eyes cast down Media Kit (PDF, 25.1 MB)

Greg M caught the performing bug in his high school days, with drama and musical roles in both school and community theater. The University years were divided between a Monty Python performance troupe (which he founded) and open stages. Later on, he played drums in a rock band, then formed a vocal trio around his acoustic guitar playing. Details on these and other formative ventures are in Greg's blog entry Sundry Bits of Dabble: a Lifetime's Artistic Resume.

The event that set Greg on the composer's track was the Toronto Symphony Orchestra's Music By the Masses workshop in 1997. This produced a short string trio (Trio Galactique) but, more importantly, determined Greg's vocation as a composer. A few years later, he discovered the world of ambient-atmospheric music, which became his primary musical interest and birthed his eyes cast down project.

Shortly after that, thanks to musical hero Robert Rich, Greg discovered the world of Just Intonation, which he is only beginning to explore, but which is expected to play a prominent role in future work.

Mukunda's Friends is an Ecstatic and Yoga-Meditation Music project. Their first release is Lacrimosa, an ecstatic song of separation and longing, featuring singer Alannah. The instrumentation, played by Greg M, is guitar and synths, emulating piano, cello and bells.

You can preview and buy Lacrimosa from the Mukunda's Friends Bandcamp Store.

Work is under way on two albums of meditation chants, also to be self-released on Greg's Kalindi Music label.

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